Thanks for coming to our website. As CEO of the company, I have worked to create the ultimate collection of brochure holders, wall mounted brochure stands, book display stands to suit any display application that you may require. Call me to discuss your requirements, Regards Phil Mcsweeney

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Brochure & Sign Holders

Clear acrylic doesn’t distract from the brochure.  Wraparound sides prevent the brochure from falling and/or bending.

Cable Displays

Cable Displays are an innovative suspension system designed to create stylish interior displays by incorporating posters, signage, leaflets, shelving, showcases, or low-voltage lighting.

Concealed Stripping

Concealed stripping adds a contemporary streamlined look to any display, this is hidden merchandising system works wonders.

LED Window Displays

LED window displays show window displays especially designed for real estate office windows.

Slatwall Displays

Applied Design has slatwall display fittings including hooks, display arms, shelf brackets and much more

All Products

NZ based Applied Design company created the ultimate collection of display solutions to suit most requirements.

Illuminated Real Estate Displays

The eco-friendly LED displays are sleek, efficient and will transform your office, window, lobby, or hallway. They are frame-less and flawlessly illuminated, ensuring that your graphic is crisp and bright.

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